welcome to red light! a sandbox role play where any theme goes. please register with proper caps.
red light
sandbox: role play
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we're a no word count site, no applications and make your own adventure. what does that mean? there is not set plot on this site but multiple ones that members make on their own. a sandbox role play.

register with your alias, keep it to one to two words so as not to stretch the board. this will be your main account or player account, it is mandatory. character accounts are optional.

you can post your own themed plots to the plots forum or create a standard ship to ships. a standard ship can include a list of the faces you play, plots you like etc.

advertising is only to be done in the advertisement forum. it is guest friendly. if you post any advertisements in the cbox they will be deleted.

avatars are 210x400, please make sure to size properly. if you need it cropped or resized for you post a thread in moderation and we'll take care of it. profile gifs are square images and a rectangle image, they will resize automatically. do not use gifs for avatars. still images only.

the site is 18+, meaning mature content is allowed but for the sake of those reading in public tag m. any triggering content requires a tw tag in thread subtitle.


character accounts are not mandatory but if you choose to make some please link them to your player account. you may have as many characters site wide as you wish but if participating in a specific world/ plot set up limit it to 10.

no real person face claims under the age of 18 will be allowed. anyone using minors for faces will receive a warning.

faces of any background are allowed, this means not only ethnic background but real people, video game characters, anime characters etc. we only ask no use of art that is not public domain or uncredited. no social media celebs either for the same reason.

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