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 [m] very first scent, #loki / abo idols
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he was going into heat and there was nothing he could do about it. he should get up and barricade the door but he couldn't get himself to move. the bedsheets smelled too nice, felt too good wrapped around him. the mattress was wet under him, he'd soaked through his boxers and sweats long ago.

yaris thought he had longer before the suppressants stopped working but he'd been wrong. he sobbed into the pillow, trying to stop himself from crying out for one of his alpha band mates. his wolf kept telling him they could help. an alpha knot was exactly what he needed but the human side of him didn't want it. was disgusted with the idea of submitting to one of his band mates. they would never let him live it down.

closing the door and taking care of himself was the best option. if only his legs cooperated with him. thinking and performing the action were two different things. he lifted his behind off the bed slightly but that just made him more aware of the slick dripping out of him. of the way his hole was twitching, begging to be filled.

there was the smell too, the sickenining sweetness of his own arousal but something else. from beyond the door way there was something delicious. something he desperately needed. in a broken voice he called out for it. "alpha..."

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he shouldn't go in. yaris wasn't of sound mind right now. on a typical day they hated one another. all this time he thought yaris was a beta like any other he was friends with. alphas and betas got along just fine, he and yaris were like vinegar and oil. they never mixed. he told himself they tasted good together on a salad though.

yaris smelled so good. like strawberries and cream, rain and heady. an intoxicating mix. su bin could get drunk on it. the worst thing he could do was take a deep inspiration but it was exactly what he did. that inhale combined with the whimpered out word broke the dam.

none of their band mates were home to stop su bin from pushing open the door and entering the room. he had barely enough sense left to lock the door. without hesitation he climbed onto the bed and grabbed yaris by his neck. he couldn't decide whether to get yaris on his belly or his back. su bin had never been with an omega before but there was one thing his alpha friends who had been bragged about, the taste of an omega's slick.

"alpha will make you feel good." he touched his lips to yaris', trying to be gentle but his control was lacking. it took seconds for su bin to press his tongue to yaris' lips, forcing them open to get entry. he pushed yaris onto his back in the same movement, straddling the omega and rolling his hips down. he'd never thought of yaris in a sexual way but now there was no other way he could see him. an alpha existed an omega. an omega existed to take an alpha's knot. su bin was going to give his to yaris.

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