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 liam andrews, 34, hercules, chris evans
100% DNW:
liam andrews BASICS full name: liam elijah andrewscodename: herculesgender: male date of birth: june 13th, 1983age: thirty fourbirth place: bronxresides: lower east side, manhattanoccupation: personal trainermember group: vigorface claim: chris evans ABILITIES level system: no supernatural condition:glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally superior over his race because his capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making him immensely stronger, faster, durable and smarter than normal members of the human species. it's a natural inclination but maintained by vigorous training. pretty much no use in all that power if you don't know how to use it. supernatural strength able to lift objects that are exponentially heavier than he is. crush objects with his bare hands, punch a hole through a mountain if he wished and crack the earth by stomping his foot. supernatural stamina level of stamina so high that he does not wear out. it makes it difficult to sleep because he has such excess energy.supernatural reflexes superior reaction speed over their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level, making them able to react faster than normal members of their species.supernatural speed unnaturally faster over their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level, making them immensely faster than normal members of their species (in that 'verse) without the need to train. supernatural survivability:able to survive massive and even horrific injuries or damage, or almost any level of danger or circumstances. has never been sick, walked away from what should have been fatal accidents and managed to escape deadly situations. contaminant immunity immune to all earthly poisons, toxins, bateria etc. he does not get sick but he also can not get drunk.enhanced durability physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.supernatural self-preservation can automatically identify and escape dangerous situations and evade opponents without consciously thinking out a plan of action.enhanced regeneration can heal from injuries that should be life threatening. he would experience the pain and possibly lose consciousness depending on the severity of the injury. weaknesses: he is not immortal, he can die but it would be difficult to do. he can survive horrific events but that doesn't mean he isn't injured. he experiences pain like any other person. while he was born naturally superior use it or lose it applies. he must endure some hell level training in order to maintain his supernatural condition. IN DEPTHfamily: younger sister, mother, fatherpets: nonesexual orientation: bisexualromantic orientation: panromanticrelationship status: complicatedcurrent partner: will requestpast partners: fewPERSONALITYpositive traits:friendly, flexible, enthusiastic negative traits:too playful, spontaneous, hero complexfavorite movie: kick ass favorite song: "hungry like a wolf" duran duranfavorite past time: boxing likes:outdoor activities, italian food, documentaries dislikes:being idle, fishing, flyingthe andrews family all hail from the bronx and can trace their descendant origins to italian and irish. liam is the older of two and the only son.as a kid liam was full of mischief and his sister was usually his partner in crime. they were both different from other children, stronger and faster so tended to stay to themselves.their parents were not prepared for having mutant children. they didn't understand how it even happened but they loved their children anyway. it was an accepted thing in their house that liam could lift a car out of a parking spot. he struggled in school to accept that he had to hide what he was.people didn't react as well to his feats of incredible strength, with teachers being scared of him any time they witnessed an act of marvel. he had to learn to control himself. liam believes he was born with these gifts in order to help others so when he heard about the gat tun he went to join them of his own volition. he was freshly out of high school at the time. he had no real plans for college but at the gat tun community he received further eduation. deciding physical therapy and fitness were his passions, it made sense considering what he could do with his body.he remained in the gat tun community for a few years but felt as if he had to see more of the world. he went backpacking in europe, hiking in italy, mountain climbing in the himalayas on a quest to find himself. in the end he returned to new york city, settling in the lower east side of manhattan.he's gotten the travel bug out of his system and now works at hercules gym as a personal trainer. he doesn't see himself going anywhere else. platonic loves to talk and listen just as much. plays pranks. goes to clubs every other weekend. jogs in the park every morning. prefers public transportation to driving. that's a few of the ways for people to meet him. he works at hercules gym and is a member of the gat tun. he's an all around good guy who loves to play jokes and make strangers into friends.antagonistic hero complex, he's got to involve himself in helping the little guy. which makes the big guy his enemy. can't overlook injustice. can't stand bullies. he's learned to pull back his punches but even his 10% is enough to cause injury.romanticattracted to both men and women but really pulled in by muscle. physical fitness is the most attractive feature in a person to him, whether they are male or female. enjoys pleasing others so he's a giving lover. wants people to sing praises over him. has an oral fetish. would definitely engage in flings, one night stands and friends with benefits. not as good at serious.the playeralias: loki.pronouns: she, her. age: twenty one. timezone: pacific.mature content: yes, will play it out unless other player prefers not to. triggers:descriptive regurgitation other characters:MADISON CALLAHAN // ### POSTS THANKS
main admin
thirty one
chaotic neutral
bio student
PRONOUNS: she / her
TIMEZONE: eastern
100% DNW: unfixable
welcome to never fly. please reply to the face claim, power claim if your character is a mutant, and create or update your member directory post. keep in mind this app is your shipper, you are able to update it as your character develops but if you want to entirely change your character it would require staff to review your character again.
Noya Eden
amazon physiology
thirty one
mia foni
hercules gym owner
PRONOUNS: she/ her
100% DNW: character bending
sparring partner
Liam Andrews here comes your boss lady and sparring partner. these two will be a lot of fun dorkiness. i'm so ready for the wonder dweebs that i've already started the thread you asked for before he was done lol link be right here.
Marco Salvatore
ursine physiology
rainbow room owner
PRONOUNS: she/her
TIMEZONE: eastern
CONTACT: pm, discord
100% DNW: unnecessary angst or brooding, excessive smut, mishandling body fluids
Liam Andrews + marco
marco would definitely be a member of hercules gym, but he's got his gym routine pretty much down. still, he's always down to share tips and learn a few himself. he would like a gym buddy, but he'd be wary since liam frequents his strip club. he tries not to mix business with pleasure, but he has a hard time not blurring the lines. i think they'd make for a amusing pair with liam ready to drink marco's bathwater and marco just like hey, let's check out that new smoothie place by the gym.

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