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 don't look at me like that, arranged marriage; open
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arranged marriage; london, england
mason had been dreading this day from the moment he agreed to it. while he had distanced himself from his family news that his younger brother was going to be forced to marry to save the business made him return. his father's debts had become too much and a marriage to disguise a merger was the only way to save the company. he would have no involvement beyond being the trophy given to the person investing in his father's company.

the biggest issue with that, he'd have to break up with the boyfriend that thought he would be the one to marry mason. he was certain (despite it being legal in england) that the person waiting to walk down the aisle with him would not be a man. his father had given him little details besides he was to keep the other person in this union happy at all times.

his sacrifice meant the little brother he loved could have a normal life. something mason hadn't been afforded growing up until he left the family home in london when he was twenty three. an odd age to run away. forty to return home was an even odder age. he took a deep breath as here comes the bride played. he promised himself he would not hold this against her as the doors slowly opened. it was all their parents' doing. he'd get the first peek of the person he'd be spending the rest of his life with soon.

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